Video Marketing

Bring Your Business To Life With Video

If a picture paints a thousands words than what does video paint? Incorporating video into your marketing campaign is the most effective way to convey messages, promote ideas and persuade viewers.

In today's tech savvy social environment, a good marketing campaign incorporates video in addition to traditional text copy. A good marketing video can be in the form of a testimonial from a customer, live event, how-to video, corporate training or just entertaining. Creativity is the limit!

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Why Video?

  • More than 74% of all traffic is Video
  • 300% more video consumption on mobile devices over the past couple of years
  • It's What Consumers Want


Marketing Results

Video is one of the most powerful ways to drive marketing results.

  • 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines
  • 105% increase in time spent on site
  • 2 times the overall conversion rate from sites with video
  • 92% of videos viewed via mobile are shared compared to other media formats
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Most effective vehicle to communicate information.

  • Creates Digital Interaction
  • Audio + Visual engages viewer at Deep Emotional level
  • Once connection is made viewer Internalizes Information
  • 90% of consumers claim that product videos have infuenced their purchase decisions
  • 95% of consumers retain information through video, while only 10% retain information from reading
  • Video Moves You

Video Says it all

What better way to demo a new product or service. Whether you're launching a new product or service or updating an existing product, video demonstrates it all.


Leave a lasting impression on your customers, start your video marketing campaign today!