Protecting Against Phishing

Many CYBER attacks begin with a “spear phishing” email targeting a business or a specific employee. Often the message contains a link to a fraudulent website, enabling the attacker to steal login credentials.


Protect your employees’ identities to protect your data

Attackers often use social engineering tactics like phishing—to exploit our trust—rather than vulnerabilities to exploit our systems. It’s very common in targeted attacks, as stolen login credentials enable attackers to get “backdoor” access into systems without the use of malware. Even the most advanced email security technologies are challenged to detect spear phishing from a reputable sender.


Protect your mobile, cloud-enabled workforce

Touchscreen email clients and mobile-formatted websites make phishing an even deadlier weapon. Even vigilant employees aware of security risks find it challenging to verify the true destination of Web links, let alone spot that the website is fraudulent. At the same time, your team must figure out how to implement network security and user identity protections on employee-owned devices and public cloud apps.


Similar to our advanced malware and breach protection, our predictive intelligence can discover Internet infrastructure used to host phishing sites—before your employees ever receive the phishing email.