Is your laptop acting up lately? Is it running slow? Is the fan making loud and funny noises? Are you getting annoying error messages when trying to start up your laptop or connect to the Internet? Bring your laptop to us and we will fix whatever issue you may be experiencing.

We've earned a reputation as the best laptop repair service in Chester County Pa. We are a full service laptop repair facility that offers great service at competitive rates.  Meridian can service all brands of laptop, notebook, and netbook computers. Services range from laptop screen repair, laptop power jack repairs, startup problems, virus and malware removal. We also offer data recovery to restore your valuable data, including photos, videos, documents, and music.

Our Most Common Laptop Repair Services 


LCD Screen Repair & Replacement

Fast and affordable repair service for cracked laptop screens, dark screens. We will provide you with a free estimate for a cracked or damaged LCD display screen and are highly experienced in replacing your laptop screen.

Laptop Data Recovery & Data Transfer

We offer expert data recovery service for all types of data loss. If you have suffered a hard drive failure, computer crash, or data loss, we will work hard at bringing back every bit of data you have lost as quickly as possible. We’ve earned our trusted reputation, from a high success rate and our extremely competitive pricing.

Laptop Power Jack Problems

There are so many different problems in the world of laptop power jack issues. Some laptops have replaceable power boards, some have simple wired harnesses, and some power jacks are soldered right onto the motherboard. What ever the cause of your issue, we can get you powered up and working again.

Additional Laptop Repair Services


  • Full diagnostic & repair of all software and hardware problems.
  • Laptop Power Jack Repair for laptops with broken or loose power jacks.
  • AC Adaptor Replacement if yours is lost or damaged.
  • Laptop Screen Repair.
  • LCD Screen Replacement for laptops with blank or cracked displays.
  • Keyboard Replacement for water damage or worn keyboards.
  • Touchpad Repair & Replacement.
  • Failed Motherboard Repair & Replacement.
  • Plastic casing and cover replacement on dropped or cracked laptops.
  • Wifi & Bluetooth Card Repair.
  • Hard Drive Replacement & Upgrade
  • SSD Upgrade & Install
  • Optical Drive Replacement
  • Data recovery from old or failed hard drive.
  • System Memory RAM Upgrades & Install
  • LCD Backcover Repair
  • Hinge Repair
  • Bezel Repair
  • Bottom Case Repair
  • System Fan Replacement
  • Battery Upgrade/Install

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We repair Acer, ASUS, Compaq, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung & Sony Laptops