What is Hosted PBX?

Our Hosted PBX service offers VoIP-enabled business voice service that provides you with a complete telephone service for your business—without requiring you to install and manage complicated, expensive equipment.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is the general term used to describe the technology of transmitting and delivering voice communications over the Internet.

Can customers port their number to our service?

Yes, we offer number porting.

What do I need to do to port a phone number?

Once you've activated your Hosted PBX service, you will be able to request a number port from our porting team. You will need to fill out a letter of authorization form and provide a recent bill from your current provider. We will then submit the port request to your current provider. It’s important that you do not cancel your phone service as this will disrupt the port.

How long will it take to port my phone number(s)?

Generally, a number porting can be completed within 7 to 10 business days. The exact length of time will depend on the service provider we are porting the number from and the accuracy of the information that is placed in the port request. We will work with you to complete the necessary paperwork and then submit the request

Are toll-free numbers available?

Yes. With Hosted PBX service, you can order new toll-free numbers or port existing toll-free numbers.

What phones are supported?

Hosted PBX offers a wide range of phones from Polycom. You can order these phones through us and they will be shipped to you pre-configured for each Hosted PBX user on your account. Hosted PBX also supports the Cisco cordless IP phone.

How much bandwidth do I need for Hosted PBX?

Generally, a Hosted PBX VoIP call will use a G729 codec or appx 30 kilobits per second (kbps) of bandwidth for the duration of the call. If you were to add Hosted PBX for five users, and everyone was on the phone at the same time, it would require 150 kbps of bandwidth during the calls. (For reference: 1,000 kilobits is equal to 1 megabit.) Your exact needs will depend on the call volume and call patterns at your company as well the type of IP phones you are using. You can use your existing Internet connection for Hosted PBX as long as the connection is dedicated (not dial-up) and you feel you have adequate upstream and downstream bandwidth for the number of users you are adding.

Do I have to deploy Hosted PBX to every Exchange user?

No. Hosted PBX can be enabled for as few as one user. It can also be enabled for Active Directory users who don’t have Exchange mailboxes.

Can I get Hosted PBX service as a standalone product?

Yes. Hosted PBX can either be added to your hosted Exchange service, or you can add Hosted PBX service as a standalone product.

Where are Hosted PBX services offered?

Our Hosted PBX service is available in all 50 United States (Alaska and Hawaii included at no additional cost).

Can I park unused phone numbers on a Hosted PBX service?

Yes, parking unused phone numbers is possible on Meridian's Hosted PBX. A small per-number fee is charged.



Additional info & Terms

So what is "hosted"?

In the past, most phone systems required buying hardware and paying someone to install and maintain it. With Hosted PBX, your phone service is delivered from our data centers. All you have to do is buy the phones and connect them to the Internet.

What is a softphone?

Looking for some basic definitions from the world of hosted phones? Here are the top 10 definitions you need to know.

VOIP Technology

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and it converts traditional voice technologies into standard IP packets. Once converted, voice traffic can travel across any or all VoIP enabled networks. The benefit of this technology to business owners is that now traditional voice/data networks can be combined on a single network, significantly decreasing monthly spending with your local dial tone carrier.

Take a look below to read about more cost saving benefits of VoIP phone systems.

Cloud VOIP Services

When it comes to mobility, versatility, and the flexibility to handle aggressive growth, not many systems rival the Cloud.  Cloud VoIP technology becoming more and more popular for businesses as they carry a low cost of ownership while providing long-term efficiency.  At Meridian, we host and manage cloud based VoIP and cloud based PBX, for industries and companies of all sizes and environments.  Moreover, our highly trained and experienced experts are here to bring your employees and company into this next generation technology infrastructure for ultimate collaboration and productivity enhancement.

No More Boundaries

No matter the size of your business, cloud based VoIP technology provides incredible flexibility that is completely reshaping how corporations and small businesses collaborate.  The ability to connect to an associate in Chicago from Phoenix without ever leaving your private network gives companies a boundless communications infrastructure without the price tag shock.  In fact, cloud based telephony is taking over the commercial voice industry due to the fact that it includes such features and yet is extremely competitive on price and return on investment.

Collaborating in the Cloud with VoIP

Meridian provides a next-generation phone system for your business.  With all the functionality completely in the cloud, companies can benefit from this managed solution in one portal.  A cloud based business phone system from our company takes the features and benefits of a digital phone system to the next level with added benefits and capabilities.

Creativity and Innovation in the Same Cloud

With the massive transitioning that is happening for corporations moving from the desktop to the tablet, cloud based VoIP is arriving at the perfect time.  In a marketplace where social media, video collaboration, and other digital age mediums are becoming the norm, it is important that businesses follow suit.  It is costly both now and in the future for companies to ignore these trends, as they are more than just temporary fads.  Major Fortune 500 companies across the nation are replacing desktops with tablets and changing their service infrastructure in order to be much more mobile-friendly.  Simply put: if you’re not joining the cloud, you’re going to fall behind.

Cloud Based Business Phone Systems

One of the more intriguing technology advancements over the last couple of years is the talk of virtualization and the cloud.  What at one time was a significant cost saving's for enterprise-only level infrastructure has no become a significant cost-effective and technology efficient way of handling your communications infrastructure.  Companies of all sizes are now exploring options on moving their most vital communication peripherals to cloud servers.  Unlike traditional communication necessities such as servers being a heavy upfront cost, cloud based VoIP services are flexible and are great for growing businesses who at times experience steady growth or perhaps seasonal spikes.  Furthermore, it immediately expands the capabilities of remote collaboration.  With a cloud based phone system, agents can be given the ability to call from anywhere that an internet connection exists from the company phone number or extension.  


A superior phone service that gives you more for less

Business-class phone service from a traditional phone company is too expensive, has too many limitations, and is too slow to adapt to the changing needs of your organization. With hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), you can cut the phone company cord and get a more powerful and agile phone service for less.

  • Connect multiple locations and mobile employees
  • Achieve true mobility, so calls can follow your employees wherever they go on whatever devices they use
  • Set up and configure your system with ease
  • Choose from unlimited calling plans that fit your business
  • Make adjustments to your system so it grows right alongside your business


What Are The Cost Saving Benefits Of A VoIP Phone Systems:

  • Dial Tone Services - Save substantially on your dial tone services including long distance, internet, fax and interoffice communications as well as other monthly fees associated with local carriers.
  • Increased Mobility - In the past, business phone systems were stationary and stagnant; you could only get your calls or receive voice mail alerts if you were sitting at a desk in your office. With VoIP systems, you can have the freedom to take your phone anywhere you go and utilize it wherever internet access is available, you can even integrate your cell phone to take advantage of the cost savings benefits there as well.
  • Application Integration - Integrate many of your computer applications such as email, fax, video/audio or web conferencing with your VoIP phone system.


Are VOIP systems a good choice, and if so, which ones?

The best, simple advice to give someone in this volatile market is to choose a system, phones and infrastructure that run on the current standard (SIP – Session Initiation Protocol).

Big brand VOIP manufacturers are becoming dinosaurs going forward. Selling an ABC phone system with their proprietary phones is fading fast.

You need to be able to choose from dozens of phone manufacturers’, add-ons, etc to build a system that meets your needs. For instance, most phones from Polycom & Cisco will work on the same phone system.  From $80 to $800 each, you have many choices. So, you can install the appropriate phone at the appropriate station depending on the use.  Why install a $400 phone for someone in a cubicle that will just be on one line at a time anyway?



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