Facebook Cover Video

Get a free Facebook Cover Video with the commision of a new Web-Site.


Why Use a Cover Video instead of an image?

The cover is most likely the first thing that users will see & focus their attention on.  In 2017, Facebook confirmed that it was testing cover videos for Facebook Pages.  Facebook slowly rolled out the option to upload a Cover Video and now it is widely available for Facebook users.  This means that instead of a regular static banner image, a business can now feature a video as it's Facebook Cover. 

These cover videos have become a new promotional tool for businesses owners, and online personalities.

Facebook cover videos are similar to cover photos, which are found at the top of your Facebook Page. The videos automatically start playing in mute when someone opens the page. Visitors can unmute, or play the video in a fullscreen.  Video immediately grabs the audience’s attention. Just like in the news feed, a cover video will autoplay, drawing users’ eyes right to it. This may help keep visitors on your page and drive more engagement.

Facebook cover videos allow you to tell new visitors what your brand is all about in just a few seconds.