Deceptive Amazon Phishing Threat!

Amazon is the world's largest retailer, which makes it a target for Cyber criminals to attack Amazon customers. Recently Malwarebytes picked up on a email phishing scam targeting Amazon users. The emails claim to be from Amazon's customer service, and falsely state that a small number of accounts were breached last month.

Cybercriminals use a old deceptive trick which requires the victims to verify account information or else their account will be restricted. But when the user clicks the link to verify their account, they are redirected to a site that looks like amazon and are asked to provide login credentials, personal information, credit card details and security details.

Phishing has become one of the most popular weapons for Cybercriminals to attack organizations. Cybercriminals typically create fake emails and websites to lure users into giving up valuable information. Before you click any link, please keep this mind; this email scam is trying to trick you into revealing your credit card and personal information. If you receive any email that asks you to click on a link or login into an account to verify personal information, Delete It! Please remember, if you have any questions regarding any account, contact the company in question directly. We encourage you to never click on a link from an unsolicited email, not only can it be a phishing scam, but it can also be a delivery system to install Malware on your computer (we will talk more about this in a future Article).