Backup & File Sharing that’s easy to use and secure

Why backup and share your files with ShareSync?

How are you backing up your files? Are you using different services for backup and file sharing?

ShareSync is a 2-in-1 solution that combines file and folder backup with robust sharing features. Use one service and stop worrying about file backup while simplifying file sharing and collaboration.

With ShareSync, users can back up their files to a powerful enterprise-class data center with a 99.999% up time guarantee and file redundancy while having the added benefits of file sharing and collaboration.

Backup lets you…

  • Backup your files in real time
  • Access files from virtually any device
  • Easily restore lost data
  • Keep files secure and available with our world-class data infrastructure

File Sharing lets you…

  • Share backed up files with anyone
  • Collaborate and share files directly from Microsoft Office and Outlook
  • Replace sending large files with links

Upgrade and use ShareSync from Meridian to backup all your files and do so much more!


It’s Simple, just follow these three steps:

Step 1: Backup all your files with ShareSync

Simply drag and drop your files into the ShareSync application. Your files are now secure in the cloud and accessible from virtually any device and browser.

Step 2: Keep content up to date and secure

Backed up files in ShareSync are constantly synced and stay up to date whenever an update is made. Synced files are secure and instantly recoverable for those worst-case scenarios.

Step 3: Share your files and collaborate with anyone

Share synced files with anyone easily with a click. Stay in control by setting user permissions per share. You can also collaborate on ShareSync files together with others within Microsoft Office.  Plus, the ShareSync solution allows businesses to cloud-enable thier in-house file server.


To learn more about ShareSync for backup, give us a call at 484.753.7200 and start your free 30 day trial today.