Reducing Overhead With Office 365

Whether you’re an established business or a new start up, Microsoft’s Exchange Online and Office 365 is a crucial key to reducing your overhead.  Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based service that is designed to help meet your organization’s needs with robust security, reliability and productivity.

Consider the cost of an on premise exchange server and everything that needs to be maintained to make it work, starting with the hardware, operating system, internet connection, exchange software, client software, such as Outlook for each user, back-up solution and the IT personnel to keep it all working.


Those are just the known costs!


What happens if there’s a hardware failure?  If the system encounters an issue, your users may not even notice any changes, but there is still the cost of paying for the IT Person to get on the phone with the hardware vendor and get a replacement on the way. When it gets there, the IT staff still have to swap it out and wait for the system to be reconfigured and restored.

Not only are you paying your IT personnel – you’re also paying your employees to sit around and wait for the services to come back online, wasting time, money and missing opportunities.

With Exchange Online and Office 365, your IT staff has a lot less to worry about: one less server to update, to patch, to upgrade, to backup, and to monitor. No more Exchange updates, patches, or upgrades, either. That means more room on the backup solution, less traffic on the Internet connection, and more money in YOUR pocket.

Exchange Online and Office 365 is a known, predictable monthly cost that covers all of these scenarios, providing built-in security, extensive privacy controls, continuous compliance and a financially backed guarantee of 99.9% uptime.

Microsoft Office 365 is available in a variety of plans to best meet the needs of your organization.  Microsoft Office 365 delivers the power of cloud productivity to businesses of all sizes, helping you save time, money, and free up valued resources.

Office 365 combines the familiar Microsoft Office desktop suite with cloud-based versions of Microsoft’s next-generation communications and collaboration services—including Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Office Online, and Microsoft Skype for Business Online.  Everything your business needs to help your employees be productive from virtually anywhere.


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